Wedding day photo scheduling made blissfully simple.

No more Word docs and endless emails!

White Rabbit is your assistant (or your assistant’s favorite assistant!) from the first consult right through the wedding day.


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Eliminate chaos, confusion and lack of time. Set your clients expectations by what is possible. Let the art and joy back into the wedding day.

Free yourself to capture the romance of the wedding day, unhindered by the stress of corralling and coordinating. Details understood, timing considered the day has never run more smoothly.

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Who We Are

We are Kevan and Rebekah, two photographers who are in love with what we do but have been continually frustrated with wedding day photo scheduling.

We place such high value on the personal relationships we’ve created with our clients, but we found countless logistics were getting in the way of focusing on those very relationships we value so much. We wanted to create that connection that would lead to fabulous synergy on the day-of and countless hours of planning kept interfering.

Finally, after swapping stories with other photographers in our same position, we realized that instead of just doing the same thing over again we could do something about this for the whole community! That’s when our White Rabbit showed himself for the first time, and we’ve been chasing him all the way to this scheduling dream that we can now share with all of you!

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